Eventfully D’Or provides service packages that go well beyond the norm. We service our clients with a peaceful and stress free expericence as you prepare for your elegant event. From arranging our client’s personal styling to the last decor detail our full service package is ideal for busy individuals who want their big day to bask with creativity, personal enhancements and timeless elegance for a truly unforgettable affair. Indulge in luxuries such as having us attend all appointments, being your point of contact for vendors, and us performing all needed legwork necessities all so you can sit back and relax.

La Belle Experience

The La Belle Expérience package provides an excellent balance for those clients seeking a personally crafted experience for their event but who also would like the attentive support of professional assistance.

If you would like to dive into the details of your event while we help organize and coordinate the big ticket items La Belle Experience is perfect for you.

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La Grande Experience

Eventfully D’Or’s La Grande Expérience package seeks to provide our clients with a sense of ease, elegance, and a curated care that will allow you to fully enjoy all of the moments that collectively comprise your special event.

We facilitate the full coordination of services for the event including reserving & handling vendors, venues, and staff. We take pride in providing detailed information along every step allowing our client to rest assured that every aspect of their event is in capable hands.

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Un Jour Experience

The Un Jour package provides quality assurance for clients who have planned their event and seek a professional pair of hands to manage any and all on-site logistics.

Prior to your event, we will cover all the pertinent details and ensure that your vision becomes a reality.

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